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Heavy Duty Industrial Agitator (by RIXU Mixing)
Feb 14, 2017

Agitators (or Liquid Agitators, Industrial Agitator) are machines used in industries that process products in the vast range of industries such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, with the purpose to:

1.     Mix liquids together;

2.     Promote the reactions of chemical substances;

3.     Keep homogeneous liquid bulk during storage;

4.     Increase heat transfer (heating or cooling).


1.     Top entry agitator; Side entry agitator; Bottom entry agitator

2.     Portable agitator; Light Industrial Agitator; Heavy duty agitator

3.     Direct driven agitator; Belt driven agitator; Pneumatic driven agitator

4.     Agitator with helical gearbox; Agitator with bevel helical gearbox

5.     Tank mounted agitator; Wall mounted agitator; Agitator mounted on lifting stand; IBC agitator

The agitation and mixing is achieved by generated movement of the liquid phase, with the mixing element of impeller. There are so many types of impeller available for various applications that the selection is complicated and based on years of know-how of suppliers.

RIXU agitators are designed based on the diversified need of our customers, and manufactured to withstand tens of thousands of hours of continuous operation.

The shaft diameter and length, coupling & sealing, impeller type and size, speed, motor power are all tailored for specific purpose. Contact materials (carbon steel, SS304, SS316L, Duplex SS, Hastelloy, etc.) are selected according to the material nature. Different mounting modes (top entry, side entry, bottom entry) are available to fit into the containers.

RIXU is a company dedicated in customized liquid mixing solutions for more than 2 decades,and has been serving our customers from a variety of applications including but not limited to: Industrial AgitatorAgitators By Tank SizeAgitators By Mounting MethodAgitators By IndustryImpellersAxial Flow ImpellerRadial Flow Impeller. With the recent increasing demand in the market for flue gas desulfurization, RIXU has succeeded to provide a lot of equipment and systems to our customers and all of them are running in good condition.

More information on Industrial Agitatorhttp://www.agitator2000.com/industrial-agitator/