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Agitators By Industry Heat Transfer To Strengthen, To Reduce The Local Overheating
May 18, 2017

The role of the Agitators By Industry is the water, the fuel and raw materials are fully mixed, and try to allow water to fully penetrate into the inside of each raw material, to the final shape after we need to become plastic.

Through a variety of tests to prove: the same brick machine raw materials, if only two minutes in the production of mixing, then do the dry brick cracks may be as high as 4%, but if the stirring for 3 minutes or more, in the same Of the conditions, the dry crack produced only 1%.

We can see the role of the Agitators By Industry, so in the vacuum brick machine production process, we should be in the raw materials to stir the beginning of the water evenly, so that you can fully play its role. Since the effect of the Agitators By Industry is so great, then how do we choose?

The current Agitators By Industrys in the construction industry are generally divided into drum agitators and forced Agitators By Industrys. Drum agitation is only suitable for mixing cement, and we may need a variety of raw materials when making unburned bricks. To the forced Agitators By Industry, and only with a forced Agitators By Industry to make the raw materials fully mixed, make a good brick, because the drum Agitators By Industry and forced Agitators By Industry there are price differences, please reasonable choice.

Mixing equipment in industrial production, especially in the chemical industry is widely used, many of the chemical production are more or less the application of the mixing operation. Let us understand the specific application of mixing equipment in industrial production in the scope of it.

Chemical process of the various chemical changes, are to participate in the reaction of the material mixture of the premise. For heating, cooling and liquid extraction and gas absorption and other physical changes in the process, but also often use the mixing operation to get good results. Most of the mixing equipment is used as a reactor. For example, in the production of three synthetic materials, the agitating apparatus as a reactor accounts for about 90% of the total number of reactors. Others such as fuel, medicine, pesticides, paint and other industries, the use of mixing equipment is also very wide. The Ministry of Nonferrous Metals has conducted a survey and power measurement of the mixing equipment in the national nonferrous metallurgy industry. As a result, the application range of many wet shop applications is extensive, and the operating conditions of the stirring equipment (such as concentration, temperature, residence time, etc.) Control a wide range, but also to adapt to a variety of production.

When stirring between immiscible liquids or liquids and solids, agitation plays a very important role in accelerating the progress of the reaction. Because of the increase in the velocity of one phase into another phase, the contact surface increases and the material interacts at greater speed. In some cases, agitation is an important factor in creating good conditions during the reaction. For example, to enhance the heat transfer, to reduce local overheating, and to avoid heating during the material coking and so on. Such as high-pressure polyethylene production, due to the role of the Agitators By Industry, so that the material in the reactor have a certain residence time, more importantly, the catalyst distributed in the device evenly to prevent local intense polymerization caused by the explosion. So the mixing equipment in industrial production plays a very important role.