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Agitators By Industry The Most Widely Used
Jun 23, 2017

The role of the Agitators By Industry is to moisture, internal fuel and raw materials are fully mixed, and try to allow water to fully penetrate into the inside of each raw material, to the final shape after we need to become plastic.

Through a variety of tests to prove: the same brick machine raw materials, if only two minutes in the production of mixing, then the brick out of the dry crack may be as high as 4%, but if stirring for 3 minutes or more, in the same Of the conditions, the dry crack produced only 1%.

We can see the role of the Agitators By Industry, so in the vacuum brick machine production process, we should be in the raw materials to stir the beginning of the water evenly, so that you can fully play its role. Since the role of the Agitators By Industry is so big, then how do we choose?

  At present, the Agitators By Industry in the construction industry is generally divided into drum agitated and forced Agitators By Industrys. The agitation of the drum is only suitable for the mixing of cement, and we may need a variety of raw materials when making Mianshaozhao. To the forced Agitators By Industry, and only with a forced Agitators By Industry to make the material fully mixed, make a good brick, because the drum Agitators By Industry and forced Agitators By Industry there are price differences, please reasonable choice.

The mechanical stirring reactor is suitable for the reaction process of various viscosity, density similar physical properties and various temperature, pressure and other operating conditions. It is widely used in synthetic materials, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber, medicine, pesticide, chemical fertilizer, dye, Food, metallurgy, wastewater treatment and other industries. Such as the laboratory of the mixing reactor can be as small as tens of milliliters, and sewage treatment, hydrometallurgy, phosphate and other industrial large reactor capacity of up to thousands of cubic meters. In addition to being used as a chemical reactor and a bioreactor, the stirred reactor can be used for a wide range of mixing, dispersion, dissolution, crystallization, extraction, absorption or desorption, heat transfer and the like. The stirred reactor consists of two parts: a stirred container and a stirrer. The stirring vessel comprises a cylinder, a heat exchange element and an inner member. Stirrer, stirring shaft, and its sealing device, transmission, etc. collectively referred to as the Agitators By Industry.

According to the shape of the stirrer can be divided into straight blade type, open the turbine, propulsion, disc turbine, anchor, ribbon, spiral, etc .; according to the viscosity of different liquids can be divided into low viscosity liquid Agitators By Industry, Viscosity liquid agitator.

Agitators By Industry selection with the two conditions, one is to choose the results reasonable, one choice method is simple, but generally can not have.

Due to the viscosity of the liquid has a great impact on the state of stirring. Therefore, according to the size of the stirring medium to adjust the size of the Agitators By Industry is the basic method. The stirrer has a different range of use depending on the level of viscosity. With the increase in viscosity of the various Agitators By Industry used in the order of propulsion, turbine, paddle, anchor frame and ribbon and so on.

The choice of the stirrer is not absolutely defined by the use of the type of paddle, in fact the use of various paddle type is overlapping, such as paddle stirrer because of its simple structure, with the baffle can improve the flow pattern, so low Viscosity is also more common when applied. The turbo type due to its convective circulation capacity, turbulence diffusion and shear force are strong, almost the most widely used is the turbo Agitators By Industry.

It is a more practical method to determine the agitator to which the process is applicable, depending on the flow state caused by the agitator for the purpose of the agitation process.

This type of selection method is the Agitators By Industry blade type is divided into two types of fast and slow type. The former operates in a turbulent state, which operates in a laminar flow state. Low viscosity homogeneous liquid mixing, is the most difficult of a stirring process, only when the volume is large and requires a very short time to mix time is more difficult. Because the propulsion type is strong and the power consumption is less, it is the most suitable, and the turbo agitator has high cutting ability because of its large power consumption. But for this mixing process is not much necessary, so if the use of large-capacity liquid mixture is unreasonable. The paddle stirrer is still widely used in small-volume liquid mixing because of its simple structure, but its circulation capacity is insufficient when mixed with large volumes of liquid.