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Agitators By Mounting Method It Is Significant To Improve The Stirring Efficiency
Jul 05, 2017

The Agitators By Mounting Method is a device that forces convection and uniform mixing of liquids and gaseous media. It is a device that mixes the fluid with a blade to mix the different substances [1-4]. The Agitators By Mounting Method is widely used and is used in all fields [5]. Mixing is the basic part of the industrial process, improve the mixing efficiency is significant, efficient mixing fluid is the ultimate goal of the agitator [6]. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has the functions of preliminary performance prediction, internal flow prediction, numerical experiment and flow diagnosis. Fluent Software is one of the world's leading commercial CFD software packages and is a software for simulating and analyzing fluid flow in complex geometries. Numerical simulation is a quickest and most cost-effective way to design ideas and designs that seek to improve the performance of the impeller.

Fluid flow in the pipeline, there are laminar flow, transition flow, turbulent three states, stirring equipment also exist in the three flow state, and determine one of the main parameters of these states is the viscosity of the fluid (refers to the fluid Flow resistance.

Therefore, we will use the agitator in the mixing device.

Principle: When the Agitators By Mounting Method rotates, the mechanical energy is transferred to the fluid, forming a highly turbulent full mixing zone near the Agitators By Mounting Method, and generating a high-speed jet to propel the liquid to circulate within the agitating vessel.

The relationship between the flow pattern and the stirring effect and the stirring power is very close. The improvement of the Agitators By Mounting Method and the development of the new agitator are often initiated from the flow pattern.

Mixer Top-mounted center-mounted three basic flow patterns for vertical cylinders: radial flow, axial flow and tangential flow.

The flow direction of the fluid is perpendicular to the stirring shaft and flows in the radial direction. The wall of the container is divided into two layers of fluid, which flows upwards and downwards, and then returns to the leaf end, and does not pass through the blade to form the upper and lower circulation.

Propeller-type agitator is a widely used axial-flow type high-performance Agitators By Mounting Method, its discharge performance, low shear force. Low convection cycle at high speed, high turbulence at high speed, larger blade inclination and blade twist can make the agitator in the transition flow and even turbulence can reach a higher flow field, the discharge capacity than the traditional propulsion The Agitators By Mounting Method is increased by 30%. Suitable for low viscosity mixing, dissolving, solid suspension, heat transfer, reaction mass transfer, extraction, crystallization operation.

(1) propulsion Agitators By Mounting Method

The propeller is mainly made of stainless steel, which is machined by the motor, gear wheel reducer, coupling, stirring shaft, impeller, vertical installation, the user can according to the different physical properties of the media, the capacity , Stirring the purpose of selecting the appropriate Agitators By Mounting Method, to promote the chemical reaction speed, improve production efficiency can play a significant role. Generally applicable to gas, liquid phase mixing reaction, stirring the number of revolutions can be customized according to customer requirements.

(2) working principle

Propulsion mixer selection of new advanced mixing technology and equipment, is to reduce production costs and improve product quality an important part of the plant continue to develop new technology research and development mixing, to provide users with the ideal mixing equipment, users only need to provide process parameters and mixing mixing Requirements, we will design and manufacture a satisfactory mixing mixing equipment, equipped with domestic and foreign brand name, reducer, coupling, mechanical seal, and match the ideal mixing impeller, to achieve the desired mixing effect, all kinds of atmospheric pressure, belt Pressure vessels, reactors, in strict accordance with the relevant national manufacturing standards and engineering specifications for manufacturing.