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Agitators By Mounting Method To Make Normal Use Of Machinery
May 15, 2017

In order to ensure the normal operation of pellet feed production line, prolong its service life and reduce faults, improve economic efficiency, double crane machinery Here are some suggestions for the user's friends.

I. Agitators By Mounting Method Installation and commissioning of equipment

1. Before installation, according to the Equipment Plan and foundation drawings, check the installation of the basic size of the drawings, if there are discrepancies, should be repaired, until the correct size, and then install.

2. Installation personnel should be familiar with the installation requirements of the equipment, strictly according to technical requirements for construction.

3. Equipment in transit may cause distortion, damage or loss, so before installation, to control the equipment list, check and acceptance, and take appropriate measures to make the equipment to achieve a good condition, and then install.

4.Agitators By Mounting Method  The equipment enters the installation site should be numbered before the establishment of the installation process card and schedule, according to the order of installation process requirements, the equipment is transferred to the scene to install.

5. Installation order: From top to bottom, first of the host equipment and rack in place, then install the connecting pipes and electrical equipment.

6. Installation of the necessary tools: equipment and village materials must be available.

7. After installation of the equipment rotation parts, must rotate flexible, no card, touch and impact sound, the connection part must be firmly, sealed, no leakage powder, leakage, oil leakage phenomena.

8. Electrical equipment installation, should conform to the relevant state regulations, the direction should be clear, no CLP, leakage phenomena, wires, cables should protect the shell, prevent the mouse bite.

9. After all equipment is installed, each single machine should carry out empty commissioning, normal operation can be put into the load test.

10. Before the load test, the electronic batching scales and packing scales are calibrated to meet the required precision.

11. Load Operation 8h, no fault rear can be handed to the factory production use.

II. Operation and use

2. Agitators By Mounting Method The equipment is inspected by the personnel on duty before driving.

(1) There is no foreign body falling into the equipment, the rotation part is flexible, there is no card, touch phenomenon; The connection parts are firmly, there is no leakage powder, leakage, oil leakage phenomena. If there is a breakdown, should be promptly excluded.

(2) The gear has no lubricating oil; whether the tension of the transmission belt is appropriate; Crusher Hammer, Granulating machine die and pressure roller, etc. need to be replaced; The sieve specification meets the requirements.

2. The control room duty personnel should grasp the daily production arrangement and the main auxiliary material storage quantity, in order to dispatch the production.

3 Sequence of operations

(1) First close the power supply total switch, and then the system switches to place the work.

(2) to connect the sound signal switch, notify the staff to enter the job.

(3) Completion of all preparations, the control room on duty personnel to determine the item's incoming number, the three-way valve to each corresponding position, first to start the dust blower, and then press the processing sequence of switches.

(4) The control room duty personnel should always observe the analog screen all kinds of lights, if the batching warehouse to send out empty warehouse or full of signal, should promptly notify the relevant material personnel, the operation of silo gates.

(5) Staff should be arranged according to production, the need to enter the required material formula, correct operation of the use of computers and auxiliary devices.

(6) Operation Grinder and granulation machine feeding device, the main motor should be guaranteed to work under rated current, do not produce blockage phenomenon.

(7) A variety of trace elements, vitamins, and other additives from the mixer into the feeding mouth, proportional to the quantitative input, mixing machine each batch of materials, feeding once, put the time for each batch of materials just started mixing, by the control room to input signal, timely input.

III. Agitators By Mounting Method Maintenance and Repair

1. Maintenance and maintenance according to the specifications of the equipment. If no special requirements, bearing slip oil using ZG-3 calcium-based lubricants, reducer lubricants using HJ-60 mechanical oil, winter if room temperature below-10 ℃, the use of HJ-20 mechanical oil.

2. Equipment should be minor repairs in six months, one years overhaul a times. Minor repairs to replace lubricating oil, washing bearings, replacement of damaged parts.

3. Adjust the tightness of the belt in time. When the machine operates, the belt must not have a serious skidding phenomenon.

4. On the hammer and sieve tablets, the pressing die and the pressure roller, such as the fragile parts, should be promptly repaired, adjusted and replaced. replacement, repair, adjustment time, depending on the productivity of the feed processing products or product quality, generally, the production of a significant decline in productivity, particle molding rate and surface quality is not required, should be adjusted or replaced promptly.

5. After the grinder hammer wear, to reverse or turn the use of the U-turn to maintain the original hammer arrangement form. When Four corners are worn, need to replace the new Hammer film, to each group of new hammer pieces weigh, each group of hammer weight is not more than 5g, the installation must be arranged by the hammer pieces of the assembly, lest the mill shake strongly.

6. Electronic scales after six months, need to check, calibration of its precision.

7. After each class work, the granule cavity is used to punch the residue inside the mould hole in the cake powder.

8. Microcomputer control room often keep clean, quiet