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Agitators By Tank Size Determine The Motor Power, Stirring Speed
Jun 01, 2017

Agitators By Tank Size Mixer selection step analysis introduced

The design of the mixing device is closely integrated with the purpose of mixing. A variety of different mixing process needs to be carried out by different mixing device to achieve, in the design of the first selection of the process according to the purpose of the mixing operation and requirements to determine the type of mixer, the motor power, stirring speed, and then select the reducer, Frame, stirring shaft, shaft seal and other components. The specific steps are as follows:

1. According to the technical conditions, the purpose and requirements of mixing, select the type of stirrer,Agitators By Tank Size select the mixer type should be fully grasp the dynamic characteristics of the mixer and the mixer in the mixing process of the flow caused by a variety of stirring the causal relationship between the purpose.

2. According to the determined agitator type and the flow state of the stirrer during the mixing process, the mixing time, the settling speed and the dispersion degree of the process are determined by the experimental method and the computer simulation design to determine the motor power,Agitators By Tank Size Speed, stirrer diameter.

3. According to the motor power, stirring speed and process conditions, from the reducer selection table to determine the reducer model. If the reducer is selected according to the actual working torque, the actual working torque should be less than the allowable torque of the reducer.

4. According to the reducer output shaft d and the stirring shaft support way to select the same model with the d specifications of the rack, coupling

5. According to the rack mixing shaft do size, install the storage space and working pressure, the working temperature selection shaft seal type

6. According to the installation form and structure requirements, design and selection of mixing shaft structure type, and check its strength, stiffness.

Such as by rigid axis design, to meet the strength conditions n / nk ≤ 0.7

Such as according to the flexible shaft design, to meet the strength conditions n / nk> = 1.3

7. Select the mounting bottom cover, flange base or flange flange according to the nominal DN of the rack, the restraint type and pressure level of the stirring shaft

8. Determine if auxiliary support is configured according to the support and vibration resistance conditions.

In the above selection process,Agitators By Tank Size the combination of mixing device, configuration can refer to , the configuration process between the key components of the connection size is the shaft size, shaft head size of the various components in principle, Change, combination.