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Agitators By Tank Size Mixing Strength Level
May 15, 2017

Agitators By Tank Size The diversity of mixing purposes, the diversity of material properties, and the multiplicity of mixing equipment, coupled with the complexity of the flow of materials in the stirring equipment, make the selection and design of mixing equipment difficult to complete under a rigorous theoretical guidance, and still rely heavily on experience. The advantages of the design can vary greatly in the efficiency of mixing equipment, Agitators By Tank Size for this reason, it is necessary to optimize the mixing equipment, such as the shape of impeller, the diameter of impeller, the number of layers of the impeller, the installation position of the impeller, the speed, the shape of the device, the size and number of the baffle. In general, the design order of the stirring equipment is:

Agitators By Tank Size Mixing condition setting and confirming → stirring impeller type and internal component selection → determine impeller size and rotate speed → calculate stirring power → stirring device mechanical design

The stirring conditions to be set include the volume, the tank type, the properties of the material in the tank, the mixing purpose, the operating temperature and the pressure, which are the batch operation or continuous operation. Undoubtedly, this is the basis for designing mixing equipment, which is usually provided by the users of the stirring equipment. However, for some entries, users are often unable to make sure that they need to communicate with the designers before they can be determined,Agitators By Tank Size  especially for the nature of the material and the purpose of mixing two items. For example, for non-Newtonian fluids like polymer melt, the viscosity of the operation state is related to the shear rate subjected to the operation state, and the shear rate is related to the type and rotational speed of the agitator; As for solid-liquid suspension, gas-liquid dispersion and other operations,Agitators By Tank Size  stirring equipment designers need the user to put forward the required level of mixing strength, and these grades are often the designers and users must coordinate and communicate, and finally the two sides of the mixing conditions to confirm.

Agitators By Tank Size After the stirring condition is determined, the selection of the impeller type is a very important step, but this is the most dependent on the experience of a step, need to be carefully explored. The shear-cycle characteristics of the impeller will be adapted to the viscosity of the material, and then combine different mixing purposes to discuss the selection of impeller.