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Axial Flow Impeller Data Requirements Are Very High
May 18, 2017

Axial Flow Impeller, used in coal mines, metal mine ventilation, can also be used as other ventilation. The fan is designed for horizontal construction, from the idea of the end of the wheel to counterclockwise bias to reverse. The fan is driven by a flexible coupling. Bearing bracket, the main hairdryer made of gray cast iron. The leaves are made of forged aluminum alloy. Other parts made of profiles. The fan is mainly composed of air inlet, main hairdryer, impeller, drive group, brake and other components. Here we look at the details of the inlet and impeller.

1, air inlet

   Including the wind collector, streamer, the effect is to make the air along the axial flow into the air duct to reduce the impact of airflow. The main bore of the main tube through the processing and the rotor to adhere to the inevitable gap. 17 rear guide blades are fitted in the dispersion cylinder to straighten the export kiss flow. The effect of the dispersion bucket is to change the local dynamic pressure of the outlet gas of the blower to static pressure, and then the flow of the fan is advanced. The core is made of steel, and the outer cylinder wall can be made of brick or cement and connected with the core. The impeller consists of 16 blades and wheels, and the blades are fixed to the hub with a semi-circular gland. According to the demand can also be divided into eight leaves.

2, impeller

    Impeller wheel ratio of 0.625, wheel with a profile made of welding. Transmission part of the bearing, bracket, transmission group composed of three parts. The spindle is made of high quality carbon structural steel. Roller bearings are smooth with grease.

   Axial Flow Impeller The above is the introduction of the axial fan inlet and impeller. The two bearing boxes are equipped with a fixed external platinum thermistor thermometer and telemetered bearing temperature with a secondary instrument. The bearing box is supported by the cast iron bracket and is connected with the main air duct. With two rails convergence, rail and ground connection. Drive shaft for the hollow shaft, two flexible coupling to identify and the idea, the spindle connected.

Axial Flow Impeller Axial fan, the use of a very wide range, that is, with the fan axis of the same direction of the air, such as electric fans, air conditioning fan is the way the fan running fan. It is called "axial flow" because the gas flows parallel to the fan shaft. Axial fans are often used in situations where the flow rate is high and the pressure is low. The axial fan is fixed and moves the air. Axial fans are mainly composed of fan impellers and housings. The structure is simple but the data is very high.

Axial Flow Impeller Ordinary axial fans can be used in general factories, warehouses, offices, residential and other places of ventilation, can also be used for chillers (air coolers), evaporators, condensers, spray down, etc., there are mining shaft Flow fan.

Axial Flow Impeller Anti-corrosion, explosion-proof axial fan with anti-corrosion materials and explosion-proof measures, and match the explosion-proof motor can be used to transport explosive, volatile, corrosive gas.

Require the axial flow of the gas should be no significant dust, no sticky and fiber material; motor direct-type temperature does not exceed 40 ℃, belt drive type temperature does not exceed 60 ℃. The amount of dust delivered to the gas shall not exceed 150 mg / m3.

Axial fan is mainly composed of impeller, chassis, motor and other components, the use of steel and the stent duct connection. One of the anti-corrosion type axial fan impeller, the chassis are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, other types of axial fans are generally made of steel.