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Axial Flow Impeller Improve Processing Efficiency, Reduce Energy Consumption
Jul 14, 2017

Due to the relative movement of the Axial Flow Impeller mechanical rotation, the upstream leaf trail causes the downstream leaf inlet to be tangentially nonuniformly changing with time. At the same time, the disturbance of the downstream leaf row relative to the unsteady motion of the upstream leaf row also makes The flow of the upper reaches of the leaves is non-uniform with time, so that the upstream and downstream leaf flow must be unsteady. In the beginning, it has been studied that the unsteady flow of multi-stage Axial Flow Impeller machinery is calculated first, and then the influence of the adjacent foliage is considered by the given entrance boundary condition of the cascade channel. However, the simulation results Multi-stage Axial Flow Impeller machinery has a large gap in the actual flow field. With the development of computer hardware and numerical technology, through the appropriate geostrophic interface method to achieve the upstream and downstream multi-coordinate system flux transfer has become the key issue of the current Axial Flow Impeller mechanical research, the main treatment methods are Denton of the rotor freezing method and Rai of the Broken plane (MixingPlane), Brost .

The whole Axial Flow Impeller blade profile is complex, the machining space is limited, the machining precision is high, the dynamic performance is good, and it has become one of the difficulties in the field of machinery manufacturing. At present, CNC milling, precision casting in the overall Axial Flow Impeller processing to get more applications. However, the CNC milling of difficult cutting materials, small channel leaves for processing, due to rigid rigidity of the tool is difficult to process; precision casting production process is complex, technical difficulty, high scrap rate, only for castable alloy. EDM using the instantaneous high temperature generated by the discharge, the workpiece will be relative to the electrode surface melting, and gradually eroded material, to achieve the purpose of processing. As a result, EDM has no cutting force and is not subject to the hardness of the workpiece with other processing methods can not match the advantages

EDM overall Axial Flow Impeller is usually used milling and forming copy method. EDM milling method generally use ball electrode or wafer electrode, the advantage is simple electrode manufacturing, the disadvantage is the blade forming precision is low, the electrode loss fast. The forming and copying method adopts the forming electrode which is fully conformed to the blade surface, and the blade forming precision is high, which is an effective method to process the whole Axial Flow Impeller. (1) the design of the electrode surface to be with the blade surface, the hub of the outer surface of the same; (2) the design of the electrode to fully take into account the discharge of the electrode

(3) the design of the electrode to be able to non-cutting from the initial position of processing to the end of processing position; (4) the design of the electrode should be conducive to improving the processing of the electrode; Efficiency, reduce energy consumption; (5) electrode design to take full account of the convenience of installation and correction.

The whole Axial Flow Impeller is difficult to cut because of its material, blade surface complex and other factors, its processing has always been a mechanical manufacturing problems. In this paper, the structural characteristics of the blade, combined with complex surface modeling theory, the use of SolidWorks software for the overall Axial Flow Impeller modeling research. Aiming at the shortcoming that the separation electrode is easy to form the lap step and the blade forming precision is low, a monolithic electrode suitable for the whole Axial Flow Impeller machining is designed. The electrode has the advantages of high blade forming precision and low energy consumption. By comparing the two kinds of machining schemes of the whole Axial Flow Impeller rotation and the C-axis driving electrode rotation, the conclusion is given that the C-axis drive electrode rotation process is given priority. Through the simulation of electrode motion, the correct trajectory of the trajectory is verified, which avoids the occurrence of the interference of the whole Axial Flow Impeller in the process. Finally, the processing method of the walking wire cutting electrode is introduced. The electrode material is saved by the method of making the electrode group, and the manufacturing efficiency of the electrode is improved.