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Axial Flow Impeller Spray Coating And Improve The Quality Of The Impeller Surface
Jul 05, 2017

The corrosion wear of the Axial Flow Impeller of the fan is mainly the corrosion and stress corrosion caused by the corrosive gas in the fan conveying medium. The types of corrosion are different due to the different transport media. In order to prevent corrosion and Axial Flow Impeller corrosion wear occurs, the following measures are commonly used: stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance is made of Axial Flow Impeller material; coating on the Axial Flow Impeller surface or spraying the coating and improving the surface quality of the Axial Flow Impeller to solve the problem of corrosion wear.

Corrosion resistant materials

Coating of Axial Flow Impeller corrosion resistant layer

Amorphous nickel-phosphorus (Ni-P) alloy is a relatively successful in recent years, a surface anti-corrosion coating method. As a result of the ideal amorphous structure and alloy properties of the coating, to avoid the grain boundary corrosion and grain boundary defects, the hardness of HRC50 ~ 70 Ni-P alloy coating corrosion resistance, wear resistance and hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and caustic soda The corrosion resistance is strong.

Axial Flow Impeller corrosion coating

Fan Axial Flow Impeller corrosion resistance sprayed with surface thermal spraying and plasma spraying. Spraying materials are nickel and nickel alloy wire, powder; stainless steel wire, powder and so on. Nickel and nickel alloy coating on the hydrogen sulfic acid, phosphoric acid, hydrogen cyanide, hydrofluoric acid, acetic acid, ferrous sulfate solution and dry gas and other media, corrosion resistance is better, but hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, potassium acetate, sulfite And other media, corrosion resistance is not good.

Stainless steel in the austenitic stainless steel for thermal spraying more, such as 1Cr18Ni9Ti, has a good process, in most of the oxidizing medium and some reductive media have good corrosion resistance.

Fan Axial Flow Impeller corrosion resistance there are other methods, such as rubber anti-corrosion coatings, epoxy paint and so on. Fan wheel wear and anti-corrosion methods are more, by the fan operating system operating conditions and Axial Flow Impeller manufacturing process different restrictions, fan wheel wear and anti-corrosion methods of the enterprises are also different.

Axial Flow Impeller machinery in the national economy, especially the entire heavy industry system occupies a very important position. Gas turbine has been widely used as the main driving force of high-end areas such as aviation, power station, ship, missile, tank, heavy locomotive and other major industries such as metallurgy, exploration, chemical industry and civil engineering. Many people believe that the production level of gas turbines has become one of the most important signs of measuring the overall strength of a country's industry. (With millions of kW kWh), higher speed, reliable operation, low cost of fuel (coal), technology is relatively mature, and thus as a central power station and large ships and The main force of the warships has an irreplaceable role. The higher reliability also makes the application of turbines in metallurgical and chemical industries more common than combustion engines.