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Impellers Better Performance
May 18, 2017

The balance hole (return port) is mainly to balance the axial force generated by the impeller operation.To reduce the wear of the bearing end and the wear of the thrust plate when the impeller rotates the liquid filled in the impeller under the action of centrifugal force, The center is thrown around the impeller along the flow path between the blades, and the pressure and velocity are increased simultaneously due to the action of the blade, resulting in a forward axial force. The impeller is perforated to reduce the axial Force on the protection of bearings, thrust plate and control pump pressure.

The degree of reduction of the axial force depends on the number of pump holes and the size of the aperture, it is worth noting that the seal ring and the balance hole is complementary. The disadvantage of using this balanced approach is the efficiency of the loss (balance hole leakage is generally designed to flow 2% to 5%).

In addition, the leakage flow through the balance hole and the main flow into the impeller impact, destruction of the normal flow state, will reduce the anti-cavitation performance.

At non-rated flow, the flow state changes. In the case of small flow, the pressure in the central part of the impeller inlet is lower than the pressure on the outer periphery due to the effect of the pre-rotation. The leakage of the balance hole increases, and the pressure of the lower chamber of the seal ring is very low despite the increase of the head, small. When the flow rate is large, the axial force becomes smaller due to the decrease of the head.

The results show that the total area of the balance hole is 5-8 times of the gap area of the mouthpiece, and good performance can be obtained.

The correct maintenance, maintenance, fan is safe and reliable operation, improve the life of the fan an important guarantee. Therefore, in the use of fans, must cause sufficient attention.

In the early stages of the impeller operation and all regular inspections, as long as there is a chance, must check whether the impeller crack, wear, dust and other defects.

Whenever possible, the impeller must be kept in a clean state and regularly washed with a wire brush to the top of the dust and rust, etc., because as the run time is lengthened, the dust can not even be evenly attached to the impeller Impeller balance damage, and even cause rotor vibration.

      Impeller as long as the repair, you need to re-balance. If conditions permit, you can use the portable test balance in the field balance. Before actuating, you must check that all tightening bolts are tightened. Because the impeller has been running for an extended period of time, these bolts may have been loose.