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Impellers Excellent Blocking Resistance
Oct 26, 2017

At present, the basic types of pump Impellerss are runner type (single flow channel, double channel), Vane type (closed, open), spiral centrifugal type, swirl type four kinds. The performance structure of various Impellersss is described below. Centrifugal pump Impellerss is generally used in closed Impellerss.

1. Runner Impellerss:

The runner Impellerss is a curved runner from the inlet to the exit, which is suitable for conveying liquids containing large particles of impurities or long fibers. Because this type of Impellerss has excellent resistance to plugging performance. But his disadvantage is that the anti cavitation performance is weaker than other forms.

2, Vane Impellerss:

Vane Impellerss of the Half-open, open Impellerss casting convenient, and easy to maintain the cleaning process during the blockage of impurities. But his disadvantage is that the gap between the interior wall and the blades of the pressurized water in the process of transporting solid particles increases, the operation efficiency of the pump is reduced, and the stability of the liquid flow in the runner is destroyed because of the increase of clearance, which makes the pump vibrate, and the type Impellerss is not easy to transport medium with large particles and long fiber. The closed Impellerss operation efficiency is high, can long time smooth operation, the pump axial thrust is small, but the closed Impellerss is easy to be entangled, it is not easy to transport the sewage medium containing large particles or containing long fiber.

3, spiral centrifugal Impellerss:

The spiral centrifugal Impellerss is a twisted blade, extending from the suction inlet along the axial axis in the cone-shaped hub body. The conveying liquid flows through the blade without impinging on any part of the pump, so there is no damage to the pump, at the same time on the delivery of liquid is not destructive because of the spiral propulsion, suspended particles through the strong, so the use of this type of Impellerss pump suitable for pumping containing large particles and long fiber medium.

4, Swirl Impellerss:

Swirl Impellerss is all or part of the Impellerss is indented to the water chamber flow, with good resistance to plugging performance. Particles in the water pressure indoor flow by the Impellerss rotation of the vortex generated by the movement, the suspended particles movement itself does not generate energy, flow channel and liquid exchange energy. In the flow process, suspended particles or long fiber is not contact with the wear blades, blade wear more light, there is no gap due to abrasion and increase the situation, suitable for pumping containing large particles and long fiber medium.