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Impellers Running High Efficiency, Can Run For A Long Time Smooth
Sep 26, 2017

Impeller both refers to the wheel with a moving blade, is an integral part of the impulse turbine rotor, but also refers to the wheel and the installation of the rotating blade on its general term. Impeller are common casting or welding, the material selected according to the working medium.

Impeller is the primary motor mechanical energy into the working fluid static pressure and dynamic pressure.

According to the leaf form is divided into three kinds: open impeller, closed impeller, semi-open impeller.

Closed impeller consists of front and rear cover and leaf;

The semi-open impeller consists of a blade and a rear cover;

The open impeller has only the blade with part of the rear cover or no rear cover.

Slice-type impeller in the semi-open, open impeller casting convenience, can transport a certain solid particles of the medium, but because the solid particles wear the runner, will cause the pump to reduce the efficiency.

Closed impeller operation efficiency is high, can run for a long time, the pump axial thrust is small, but the closed impeller is not easy to transport large particles or long fiber containing sewage medium.

In accordance with the work is divided into single suction impeller, double suction impeller.

A single suction impeller that impeller sucks liquid from one side.

Double suction impeller that impeller from both sides of the suction liquid, with excellent anti-cavitation performance.

1, the flow path impeller:

The runner impeller is a curved runner from the inlet to the outlet, and this type of impeller is suitable for conveying liquids containing large particles of impurities or long fibers. Because this type of impeller has excellent anti-clogging performance. But his drawback is that the anti-cavitation performance is weaker than other forms.

2, the blade impeller:

The semi-open and open impeller of the blade impeller is easy to manufacture and is easy to maintain the impurities that are blocked during the transport process. But his drawback is that the solid particles in the transport process under the pressure of the water chamber between the inner wall and the gap between the increase, reducing the efficiency of the pump, and because the gap increases the flow of liquid flow stability of the flow , So that the pump vibration, the type of impeller is not easy to transport large particles and long fiber medium. Closed impeller running high efficiency, can run for a long time, the pump axial thrust is small, but the closed impeller is easy to be wrapped, easy to transport with large particles or long fiber containing sewage medium.

3, spiral centrifugal impeller:

The helical centrifugal impeller is a twisted pair of blades that extend axially from the suction port on the conical hub body. The delivery of liquid through the leaves will not hit any part of the pump, so there is no damage to the pump type, while the liquid is also no destructive due to the role of the propulsion of the spiral, the passage of suspended particles strong, so the use of this type The impeller pump is suitable for pumping media containing large particles and long fibers.

4, swirl impeller:

The swirling impeller is all or part of the impeller is shaken off to the plenum flow path, with good anti-clogging performance. The particles move in the water pressure chamber by the vortex caused by the rotation of the impeller. The suspended particles do not produce energy in their own, and the flow and the exchange energy of the liquid. In the process of flow, suspended particles or long fibers do not contact with the wear of the leaves, the leaves more than the case of wear and tear, there is no gap due to increased wear and tear, suitable for pumping large particles and long fibers containing the medium.