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Impellers To Ensure The Overall Surface Quality
Oct 12, 2017

One overall Impellers flow path is narrow, leaves relatively long, low stiffness, are thin-walled parts, processing products in the process of easy deformation. In the process of processing, due to its own structure and the role of external cutting force, the inlet of the flow channel and the top of the blade will produce shocks. Sometimes in order to avoid the occurrence of shock, often to change the sharpness of the tool, which in turn will make the flow of the entrance, exit and leaf edge will produce a glitch. In order to ensure the overall surface quality of the Impellers, the tool needs to have enough rigidity in the case, but also have enough chip space and the appropriate sharpness.

The narrowest blade depth of the second flow path is far more than the tool diameter, the adjacent blade space is very small, the cutting tool diameter is smaller, the tool is easy to break, the cutting depth control is also the key technology of processing.

Three whole Impellers surface for the free surface, flow channel narrow, leaves twisted more serious, and there is a clear trend of backward, easy to produce interference when processing, processing more difficult. Some of the Impellers due to the secondary leaves, in order to avoid interference, to segment the surface, therefore, to ensure the processing of the surface is also difficult.

Four to take into account the overall Impellers in the actual work of high-speed rotation, the speed of 30000-50000 turn, to prevent vibration and reduce noise, so the high balance of the requirements, which improves the machine and tool requirements, it is necessary to save processing rhythm , But also to ensure the smoothness of the cutting and symmetry.

Considering the rigidity of the machine tool, the tool, the fixture and the whole Impellers, it is possible to meet the manufacturing requirements of the whole Impellers by designing a reasonable tool structure and selecting the appropriate manufacturing process.

Impellers feeder is widely used in cement, building materials, chemicals, metallurgy and light industry and other materials system for feeding equipment used.

Impellers feeder, bucket elevator use: Venturi tube is Venturi tube referred to, Venturi effect of the principle is when the wind blows through the barrier, the barrier in the leeward side above the port near the air pressure is relatively low, Resulting in adsorption and lead to air flow ....

Impellers feeder, bucket elevator Use: Diaphragm material is made of a layer of special fabric and attached to a layer of thin elastic body composition. Thickness is usually (0.2 ~ 1.1mm), the diaphragm life is usually Millions of times