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Impellers Using High Hardness And Good Wear Resistance Of The Material
Jun 01, 2017

The wear of the fan impellers is related to the composition, particle size, concentration, shape, impact speed, impact angle, chemical composition of the gas, nature, temperature and humidity of the abrasive. And the uneven flow of gas inside the impellers accelerates wear. As a measure to prevent impellers wear: First, reduce the dust into the fan and corrosive gases, this must be on the fan operating system transformation; the second is to try to make the local wear and tear uniform wear, which need to improve the wear resistance of the impellers The If you improve the wear resistance of the impellers can be used high hardness and good wear resistance of the material. This will not only bring difficulties to the impellers manufacturing process, but also from the economic point of view is not reasonable. Therefore, it is an economical and reasonable solution to improve the surface quality of the impellers and to wear a layer of lining on the blade in order to improve the surface quality of the impellers.

The so-called secondary impellers hydrodynamic seal means that an open impellers is mounted in the opposite direction to the opposite side of the back of the impellers rear cover. When the pump is in operation, the auxiliary impellers rotates with the pump spindle, and the liquid in the secondary impellers rotates together. The rotating liquid produces an outward centrifugal force which, on the one hand, pushes against the liquid flowing to the mechanical seal, The pressure at the seal. On the other hand to prevent the solid particles in the media into the mechanical seal of the friction pair, to reduce the wear of mechanical seal grinding block to extend its service life.

In addition to the role of the seal, but also can play a role in reducing the axial force in the submersible pump in the axial force is mainly caused by the liquid on the impellers on the pressure and the entire rotation of the gravity part of the composition The direction of the two forces is the same, the resultant force is added by two forces. It can be seen that in the case where the performance parameters are exactly the same, the axial force of the submersible pump is larger than that of the horizontal pump, and the balance is more difficult than the vertical pump. So in the submersible sewage pump, the bearing is easy to damage the reason is also a great relationship with the axial force.

And if the auxiliary impellers is installed, the direction of the liquid acting on the auxiliary impellers is opposite to that of the above two forces, which can counteract a part of the axial force and also prolong the bearing life. However, the use of secondary impellers sealing system also has a drawback, that is, in the auxiliary impellers to consume part of the energy, usually around 3%, but as long as the design is reasonable, can this part of the loss to a minimum.