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Impellers Wear And Corrosion Is Very Strong
Jun 23, 2017

The quality and cost of the casting depends on the production process and the mold structure. Figure 1 shows the Impellers castings, due to the complex structure of the blade stripping difficult, so the mold structure is complex and costly. Mold core with sand core structure, the use of low-pressure die-casting process, casting can solve the problem of hardening, and make the mold structure is simple, low cost. In the design of Impellers die-casting mold, you must fully consider the metal liquid in the filling cavity process, should promptly remove the gas, gas inclusions, residual paint and cold metal, otherwise it will affect the internal quality of the casting, therefore, The reasonable design of the system is an important factor to ensure the quality of casting.

In order to reduce the Impellers on both sides of the steam pressure difference, reduce the rotor to produce excessive axial force, but in the regulation level and the reaction is large, the load is very heavy part of the last one, two, generally do not open the balance hole, So that the Impellers strength will not be weakened, and can reduce the leakage loss.

Each Impellers on the opening of a number of balanced holes, to avoid the same radial section on the two balance holes, so that the Impellers cross-section strength is not too weak. Usually open 5 to 7 balance holes.

Fan Impellers corrosion resistance sprayed with surface thermal spraying and plasma spraying. Spraying materials are nickel and nickel alloy wire, powder; stainless steel wire, powder and so on. Nickel and nickel alloy coating on the hydrogen sulfic acid, phosphoric acid, hydrogen cyanide, hydrofluoric acid, acetic acid, ferrous sulfate solution and dry gas and other media, corrosion resistance is better, but hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, potassium acetate, sulfite And other media, corrosion resistance is not good.

Stainless steel in the austenitic stainless steel for thermal spraying more, such as 1Cr18Ni9Ti, has a good process, in most of the oxidizing medium and some reductive media have good corrosion resistance. I company in Yunnan Tin Company fan Impellers on the surface of the thermal spray 1Cr18Ni9Ti, the application of good results.

Fan Impellers corrosion resistance there are other methods, such as rubber anti-corrosion coatings, epoxy paint and so on. My company on the centrifugal fan Impellers with Chester's 897 surface with a composite material to do some corrosion resistance test, the effect is good. Fan wheel wear and anti-corrosion methods are more, by the fan operating system operating conditions and Impellers manufacturing process different restrictions, fan wheel wear and anti-corrosion methods of the enterprises are also different.

The corrosion wear of the Impellers of the fan is mainly the corrosion and stress corrosion caused by the corrosive gas in the fan conveying medium. The types of corrosion are different due to the different transport media. In order to prevent corrosion and Impellers corrosion wear occurred, usually the following measures: the use of strong corrosion resistance of stainless steel Impellers material; in the Impellers surface coating or spraying coating and improve the quality of the Impellers surface to solve the problem of corrosion wear.