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Impellers Wear, Corrosion Resistance, Effective Protection
Jun 14, 2017

Impellers blade corrosion causes and anti-corrosion strategy First of all, from the media PH, temperature, flow rate, salt concentration, microbial content, dissimilar metal combinations and media wear and tear angle analysis of the impact of Impellers blade corrosion of various factors, combined with modern anti- In a reasonable choice of materials, manufacturing processes and ZS anti-corrosion coating brushing and other factors comprehensive analysis of corrosion resistance.

 There are two kinds of wear and corrosion caused by the common action of the Impellers blade friction, the transmission medium and the relative motion of the Impellers blade surface. The shear stress of the moving medium on the blade surface and the high-speed flow wear friction make the metal loss of the Impellers blade, Here is recommended two kinds of anti-corrosion coating, a leaf blade in the liquid slurry friction corrosion, the choice is ZS-911 wear waterproof coating; one is in the dust smoke friction corrosion, the choice is ZS-1041 flue gas corrosion coating, Two high-performance heavy-duty high-hardness coating, are outstanding paint, brushing in the Impellers blade protection effect, you can extend the Impellers blade 3-8 times the service life.

High-tech paint synthesis technology, the use of ceramic high-temperature coating technology, developed a high temperature ZS-911 wear-resistant waterproof coating, raw materials used in ionic compounds and some synthetic covalent compounds, ionic bond and covalent bond is strong bond, The use of composite strengthening measures and special treatment to form a chemical combination, so the strength and stiffness is great, can effectively resist the high-speed impact and shear stress, its strength up to 200Mpa above the hardness of manganese steel is more than 10 times, Reaching a high temperature of 600 ° C. Can be used for Impellers blades in the cavitation friction, hardness friction and impact friction and other wear-resistant environment, to extend the life of the Impellers blades.

In order to improve the anti-thermal denaturation, abrasion resistance and adhesion of the Impellers blade coating, Zhisheng Weihua adopts nanometer powder, Zhisheng Weihua ZS-1041 flue gas anticorrosive coating super strong adhesion, coating and matrix binding force is extremely strong Corrosion resistance, anti-flue gas H2S and other media corrosion, acid corrosion, temperature corrosion. The ZS-1041 Flue Gas Anticorrosive Coatings are extremely strong in adhesion to the substrate, and the metal oxide nanomaterials and rare earth oxide ultrafine powders contained in the anti-corrosion coating composition help the coating form a dense interface transition layer The comprehensive thermodynamic properties are matched with the matrix, and the adhesion is strong. ZS-1041 flue gas corrosion coating base material and filler are high temperature of the inorganic composition, heat 750 ℃. Flue gas anti-corrosion coating composed of a variety of components of the ceramic functional filler, together with the coating to give the coating excellent wear and corrosion resistance, the effective protection of the Impellers leaves in the flue gas, dust friction corrosion, protection of the Impellers blades.