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Industrial Agitator Do Not Carry Out Maintenance When The Equipment Is Running
Sep 26, 2017

Industrial mixer for food, spices, fruit powder, dairy products, chemicals, plastics, rubber, building materials ... ... mixing materials.

Safe to produce, safe operation of the industrial mixer, half of the responsibility lies in the dehydration machine manufacturer, the other half is the use of manufacturers. requirements Each customer in the use of industrial mixer before, have to understand the structure of the mixer, the operation process, emergency measures and other content, so as to ensure that the machine after the factory "zero accident." Security is really heavy on the mountain ah.

    Here I have to reveal the safety of industrial mixer operating procedures:

1, the mixer should be installed in a smooth and solid site, around should have a good drainage ditch, and set up a solid operating shed as required.

2, empty operation, check the stirring cylinder or stirring the rotation direction of the leaves, the operating device operating brake, to confirm the normal, before operation.

3, the industrial mixer feed, the head or hand is strictly prohibited into the hopper and the rack between the goods to see the goods touch the situation, the operation may not hand or tools and other objects into the mixing tube within the picking material, anyway, is Prohibit the head, hand into the machine, the important things to say three times: to prohibit the head, hand into the machine! Do not put the head and hand into the machine! Do not put the head and hand into the machine!

4, the operation, such as failure can not continue to run, should immediately cut off the power, the mixing cartridge material clean, and then overhaul.

5, industrial mixer must have grounding and leakage protection device to ensure that the staff of personal safety.

6, the machine to replace the mixing blade or cleaning must be cut off the power to avoid accidents.

7, is strictly prohibited in the equipment operation and maintenance work.