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Industrial Agitator Good Use Performance
May 15, 2017

1. Industrial Agitator In the first use, the first control of the instrument to check whether the accessories are complete, such as mixing, power cord, etc. 2. Speed regulation should be transferred from low speed to high speed, preferably not to start directly, lest stirring the sub different step, cause the beating; 3. Not stirring when not heated, do not work should cut off the power supply; 4. The instrument should be kept clean and dry, blending equipment/mixer/mixing equipment/mixing equipment/blending machines/especially do not make the solution into the machine; 5. When stirring, if you find the beating or not stirring, please check whether the beaker is stable, the position is positive; 6. Medium-speed operation can prolong the service life of Industrial Agitators. 7. It is best to connect to the ground wire. Industrial Agitator is suitable for the field of biology, physics, chemistry, cosmetics, health care products, food, reagents and other experimental fields. is the liquid mixing and mixing experiment equipment. Product Concept design novel, advanced manufacturing technology, low-speed operation torque output, continuous use of good performance. The driving motor adopts a series of high power and compact structure, which is safe and reliable in operation, and the running state control adopts the CNC touch-type stepless governor, convenient speed regulating; Digital display running speed state, collecting data correctly.

The design and selection of stirring device are closely combined with the purpose of mixing operation. Different mixing processes need to be operated by different Industrial Agitator devices. In the design and selection of the first process according to the purpose and requirements of mixing operation, determine Industrial Agitator type, motor power, stirring speed, then select reducer, rack, stirring shaft, shaft seals and other components. The concrete steps are as follows:

1. In accordance with the process conditions, mixing purposes and requirements, select Industrial Agitator type, select Industrial Agitator should be fully mastered the dynamic characteristics of Industrial Agitator and Industrial Agitator in the stirring process of the flow of the state and the cause of a variety of mixing purpose.

2. According to the Industrial Agitator and Industrial Agitator in the process of mixing the flow state, the process of mixing time, sedimentation speed, dispersion control requirements, through experimental means and computer simulation design, determine the motor power, stirring speed, Industrial Agitator diameter.

3. According to the motor power, stirring speed and process conditions, from the Reducer selection table to determine the reducer models. If according to the actual working torque to select the reducer, the actual working torque should be less than the allowable torque of the reducer.

4. According to the reducer output shaft head D and stirring shaft support mode selection and d the same model specifications rack, coupling

5. According to the rack stirring shaft head do size, mounting space and working pressure, working temperature selection shaft SEAL type

6. According to the installation form and structure requirements, design and choose the mixing shaft structure type, and the school check its strength and stiffness.

According to rigid shaft design, n/nk ≤ 0.7 under the condition of satisfying strength

According to the flexible shaft design, under the condition of satisfying strength n/nk>=1.3

7. According to the rack of the public gratified inch DN, stirring shaft shelf type and pressure level, choose to install the bottom cover, flange base or flange

8. According to the support and anti-vibration conditions, determine whether to configure auxiliary support.