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Industrial Agitator High Precision, High Thrust
Oct 12, 2017

In the sewage treatment plant diving mixer has a variety of purposes. In the activated sludge process using a dive mixer to prevent the sludge deposition in the bottom of the pool, the sewage and reflux and recirculating water mixed together to make the suspended solids evenly distributed, so that micro-organisms and sewage between the full contact. They can perform other similar functions in the sludge treatment.

The factors that are usually considered in the design of the Industrial Agitator are energy density (W / m3) and overall flow rate (m / s), especially in sewage treatment. As a new and efficient mixing system has emerged, the energy density standard has been used to represent maximum energy consumption.

Effective agitation is achieved under the overall flow conditions, and the media in the pool as a whole is moving and becomes part of the mixing process. The overall flow rate is usually 0.15 to 0.35 m / s and is now often used as a design parameter for agitation. Since the pool without a recirculation channel also has the problem of correctly defining and measuring the required flow rate, it is not enough to dictate only one overall flow rate. Until today, the overall flow rate is still the most viable in the sewage treatment of the general state of the quantitative analysis of the method, and the deposition volume, volume, sludge distribution uniformity and other parameters to quantify the work of mixing is ongoing.

The overall flow is driven by the momentum of the Industrial Agitator jet, which is essentially the reaction thrust of the Industrial Industrial Agitator, which together with the position of the Industrial Agitator determines the resulting flow form. If the position of the Industrial Agitator and the thrust required in an application and the thrust data of the Industrial Agitator are known, the equipment can be selected accordingly.

Applicable with industrial and urban sewage treatment plants Aeration tanks and anaerobic tanks, available in the pool of water circulation and nitrification, denitrification and phosphorus removal stage to create water flow.

Mixing series of products using multi-polar motor, the use of direct structure, low energy consumption, high efficiency; impeller through casting or stamping molding, high precision, thrust, beautiful and smooth appearance, compact structure.

Low-speed flow series products using cycloid reducer, equipped with low power, low speed, impeller diameter, wide service area. Impeller from the polyurethane material and aluminum alloy cast, high strength, corrosion resistance, in addition to the function of mixing, but also both outside the flow and create the role of water.

Diving mixer motor winding for the F-class insulation, protection class IP68. In the aeration plant with the use of aeration system,

Can greatly reduce the energy consumption of the system, and oxygen significantly increased, can effectively prevent precipitation. According to the process requirements, direct-coupled diving can be equipped with shroud.