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Industrial Agitator Improve The Efficiency Of Mixing Is Of Great Significance
Jun 01, 2017

The Industrial Agitator is a device that forces convection and uniform mixing of liquids and gaseous media. It is a device that mixes the fluid with a blade to mix the different substances . The Industrial Agitator is widely used and is used in all fields . Mixing is the basic part of the industrial process, improve the mixing efficiency is significant, efficient mixing fluid is the ultimate goal of the agitator . Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has the functions of preliminary performance prediction, internal flow prediction, numerical experiment and flow diagnosis. Fluent Software is one of the world's leading commercial CFD software packages and is a software for simulating and analyzing fluid flow in complex geometries. The

Fluid flow in the pipeline, there are laminar flow, transition flow, turbulence three states, stirring equipment also exist in the three flow state, and determine one of the main parameters of these states is the viscosity of the fluid (refers to the fluid Flow resistance.

Propeller-type agitator is a widely used axial-flow type high-performance Industrial Agitator, its discharge performance, low shear force. Low velocity convection cycle, high turbulence at high speed, the larger blade angle and blade twist can make the mixer in the transition flow or even turbulence can reach a higher flow field, the discharge capacity than the traditional propulsion The Industrial Agitator is increased by 30%. Suitable for low viscosity mixing, dissolution, solid suspension, heat transfer, reaction mass transfer, extraction, crystallization operation.

Turbine agitator (also known as turbine impeller), is a wider application of a Industrial Agitator, can effectively complete almost all of the mixing operation, and can handle a wide range of viscous fluid. By the installation of 2 to 4 flat or curved blades on the horizontal disc.

Turbine agitator speed, 300 ~ 600r / min. The main advantage of the turbo agitator is that when the energy consumption is not large, the stirring efficiency is high and the stirring produces a strong radial flow. There is a large shearing force that allows the fluid micelles to be dispersed very fine, suitable for mixing with low viscosity to medium viscosity fluids, liquid-liquid dispersion, liquid-solid suspension, and promoting good heat transfer, mass transfer and chemistry reaction.

The blade Industrial Agitator is the simplest, the blade is made of flat steel, welded or bolted to the hub, the number of leaves is 2, 3 or 4, the blade can be divided into two types: straight and leaf According to the different shape of the leaves can be divided into different paddle mixer and oblique paddle mixer. The paddle Industrial Agitator produces radial forces, and the oblique paddle Industrial Agitator produces axial force. The paddle Industrial Agitator is suitable for low viscosity liquids, suspensions and dissolved solutions.

Application: 1, liquid - liquid system used to prevent separation, the tank temperature uniformity, solid - liquid system used to prevent solid settlement.

2, mainly for the circulation of the fluid, due to the same displacement, the folding leaf than the flat-style power consumption less, low operating costs, so the use of more axial fans.

3, also used for high viscosity fluid mixing, to promote the exchange of fluid up and down, instead of high prices of ribbon-type impeller, can get good results.