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Industrial Agitator Improve The Homogeneity Of Agitation
Oct 26, 2017

Nowadays, with the increasing demand for concrete prefabricated components, the quality of the products is very different. In the prefabricated production process, the manufacturer is most concerned about the core link - mixing process, that is, the quality of concrete in prefabricated concrete production directly affects the performance of prefabricated components, the key factor in determining the quality of prefabricated concrete is prefabricated concrete The choice of mixing the host in the station.

What is the current puzzle in the industry: whether the prefabricated concrete mixing plant should use a planetary Industrial Agitator or a double horizontal shaft forced mixer? What are the differences between the two Industrial Agitators in the prefabricated concrete mix?

Mixing device comparison

Planetary Industrial Agitator mixing device, stirring blade with a parallelogram of the design structure, when the mixing wear to a certain extent, you can rotate 180 degrees, continue to re-use, mixer to reduce the cost of the customer's accessories; stirring arm with block-type structure design, As much as possible to improve the use of leaves. Streamlined design of the mixing arm, reducing the probability of material reported arm, and the design of the conversion of the wear-resistant jacket to extend the service life of the mixing arm.

The double-horizontal shaft forced Industrial Agitator is divided into vane type and ribbon type. Because of its structural defects, the blade utilization rate is low, and the stirring arm needs to be replaced after a period of time. The limitation of the structure is increased The material axle and the probability of the arm, thereby increasing the cost of customer maintenance and replacement parts.

Comparison of mixing effect

Vertical axis planetary Industrial Agitator to meet the prefabricated concrete mixing requirements, mixing efficiency, mixing quality, to meet the product homogeneous requirements. Comparison of double horizontal shaft mixer As the prefabricated components are directly placed in the mold below the mixing station, there is no commercial concrete tanker transport in the second mixing session, so require a mixing homogeneous standard higher. Only to improve the uniformity of a mixing in order to reduce the prefabricated components of the finished product rejection rate, to achieve the high quality of finished products, and thus vertical axis planetary Industrial Agitator with superior planetary mixing performance relative to double horizontal shaft forced Industrial Agitator is more suitable for prefabricated concrete The stirring.

Double horizontal shaft forced Industrial Agitator for large quantities of commercial concrete mixing and some of the homogeneous requirements of the industry is not high mixing.

The stirrer is a typical mixing device that uses a stirrer to stir the material to achieve a good mix of uniform effects. Mixers in the industrial, civil and other fields are very common, but regardless of how the use of the working principle of the mixer and the structure are similar, the following is divided into several structural characteristics of the mixer.

The paddle stirrer is a relatively simple structure of the stirrer, and its agitating parts are two blades. The paddle stirrer can be divided into paddle stirrer and oblique paddle stirrer depending on the shape of the blade. The paddle stirrer produces a radial force, and the oblique paddle stirrer produces an axial force. The paddle stirrer is suitable for low viscosity liquids, suspensions and dissolved solutions.

A propeller stirrer is a stirrer with two to three propeller blades as a stirrer. The propeller stirrer has a high rotational speed during agitation, forcing the material to move axially to allow the material to circulate and mix well. Propeller-type agitator is suitable for mixing viscous low liquid, suspension, emulsion and other materials.

Turbine agitators are typically designed with two to four blades, which can be flat or curved, and are mounted on a horizontal disc. Turbine agitator in the rotation will form a highly turbulent radial flow of material. Turbine agitators are suitable for the mixing of gases or viscous liquids with low solubility and poor miscibility.

Anchoring stirrer As the name implies, the blade shape is similar to the anchor of the ship. The blade size of the anchor type agitator is similar to the size of the stirring tank, leaving only a small gap after the combination, so that the blade of the anchor stirrer can remove the reactants on the inner wall of the stirring tank while rotating, Stirring effect. Anchors can be used to agitate a higher viscosity material.

The ribbon of the ribbon stirrer is ribbon-like, the number of ribbon is two to three, is installed in the middle of the screw on the mixer, the screw-type agitator pitch determines the outer diameter of the ribbon. The ribbon stirrer is usually operated in a laminar flow condition and is suitable for mixing liquids with high viscosity and fluid for plastic.

Magnetic stirrer is a magnetic coupler for the principle of manufacturing a stirrer. Magnetic stirrer is characterized by a completely closed mixing process, to avoid the mixing process of mixing problems, improve the efficiency of the mixer. Magnetic stirrer can be used for a variety of toxic and hazardous substances of the mixing, especially for petrochemical, organic pharmaceutical and other industries.