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Industrial Agitator Improve The Reliability Of The Machine
Aug 15, 2017

Industrial Agitator is one of the effective methods to strengthen the mixing process. As early as the 20th century, 30 years, foreign scholars will vibration and stirring technology used in cement concrete mixing test. Subsequently, the domestic scholars also launched a vibration mixing technology related research. A number of studies at home and abroad confirm that vibration agitation can significantly improve the micro-homogeneity of concrete and improve the strength and durability of concrete. In the construction of road construction, the stability of the stability of the soil directly affect the quality of road construction. Thus, on the basis of ordinary soil stabilization techniques forced stirring, the stirring device manufacturing yield as design vibration source is activated 600t · h-1 stabilized soil vibration industrial prototype Industrial Agitator, and ordinary industrial forced stirring comparison test.

Industrial Agitator use and maintenance

1, the maintenance of the Industrial Agitator is mainly part of the maintenance of the reducer, it is mainly in accordance with the above part of the use and maintenance.

2, the blade is not completely immersed in the liquid is strictly prohibited empty operation, so as to avoid danger and equipment damage.

3, equipment, fixed base need to have enough rigidity to ensure that no resonance, no shaking.

4, start the Industrial Agitator before you make sure that the basic bolts and screws are fully fixed.

5, after the boot device if abnormal sound, temperature and shaking the situation, should immediately stop running and then check and deal with.

6, high speed or large capacity of the mixing operation, the bottom of the shaft or the middle should be installed positioning device to reduce the shaft due to rock caused by the probability of failure.

7, according to different industries, different working conditions, different mixing purposes required by the selection of the Industrial Agitator is also very important.

Industrial prototype is based on the existing continuous double horizontal shaft stabilized soil Industrial Agitator, the mixing device as a vibration activation source, the use of forced mixing and vibration strengthening method of combining the design and manufacture of stable soil vibration Industrial Agitator industrial prototype.

Stirring prototype dual motor drive independently driven through the gear reducer realized after stirring operation by synchronizing means for synchronizing the reverse gear into the mix to be mixed with the cylinder forced stirring; at the same time, the vibration actuator also double The motor is driven independently and is transmitted to the exciter by means of a belt drive, which is directly connected to the agitator and transmits the vibration directly to the agitator so that both the stirring shaft, the stirring arm and the stirring blade vibrate, Stirring device forced mixing at the same time, also continue to accept the vibration effect, so that more fully stirred to improve the macro and micro uniformity of the mixture.

The main features of the industrial prototype are: the whole mixing device as a vibration activation source, stirring while stirring vibration, effective vibration area, only a small vibration intensity can make the mixture to get enough vibration to improve the The reliability of the machine.

Industrial prototype was stirred vibration transmission and the transmission are independent of the drive system, thus having two kinds of prototype itself was stirred modes: one is open only stirring drive, then forced stirring prototype into normal mode; open while the other is driven and the Industrial Agitator Drive, then the prototype into the forced mixing and additional vibration combined with the vibration mixing mode. Therefore, only one industrial prototype can be used to complete the two kinds of mixing mode of the comparative test, with a simple test, the device investment is small, the results of comparative data and other advantages.