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Industrial Agitator Regular Cleanup And Maintenance
Nov 06, 2017

Because the concrete structure of Industrial Agitator is different, here is only a general description, the special part needs to follow the manual maintenance.

It should be noted in particular that Industrial Agitator dust-proof is particularly important, the accumulation of dust to the Industrial Agitator maintenance and maintenance of a great inconvenience, so that all equipment performance degradation, shortened life, lubrication damage, so should be the structure of the principle above to minimize dust production, and regular clean-up and maintenance.

Industrial Agitator is also called Industrial Agitator when mixing, the material in the machine is subjected to two opposite direction of the rotor action, carries on the compound movement, the pulp leaf drives the material aspect to revolve counterclockwise in the machine trough inner wall, on the one hand, drives the material to turn around, in the two rotors overlapping shape weightlessness area, in this area, regardless of the material shape, And density, can make the material floating in the instantaneous weightlessness state, which makes the material in the machine trough to form a full range of continuous rotation, interlacing each other, so as to achieve a fast and soft mixing evenly effect.

Dry Powder Mortar Mixer is a very important equipment in the construction industry, instead of the site mixing efficiency is low, pollution environment characteristics, ordinary mortar mixer, the use of dry powder mortar mixer production has been greatly improved, dry mortar mixer performance is stable, production effective, using dry powder mortar mixer to do what work?

1, the use of dry powder mortar mixer before the empty test machine, Putian mixer, check whether the equipment has abnormal vibration or different sound, if there is an exception needs to be dealt with in a timely manner.

2, in the operation of dry powder mortar mixer process, to see the dry powder mortar mixer components are flexible, whether there is a collision, whether the bearing overheating.

3, dry powder mortar mixer after use, to clean it, feed mouth, outlet, stirring warehouse should be clean.

4, dry mortar mixer to check whether the belt is loose, rupture, if damaged in time to replace, loose to timely fastening.

5, check the dry powder mortar mixer components are complete, the parts lack of timely replenishment.

6, check dry powder mortar Mixer relay, contactor performance is good.