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Industrial Agitator Tight Seal, Reliable Operation
Jun 14, 2017

 Industrial Agitator will always use a lot of debris residue in the inside, flushing and sometimes can not clean inside the gap, how is this good? Do not worry, Xiao Bian here have a way!

 Humidification mixer is a new type of dry ash humidification equipment, the material through the electric lock gas feeder from the feed inlet into the box, the two leaves were left and right spiral distribution of the leaf axis synchronous rotation, and the humidified material Continuously push the mouth. Daewoo humidification mixer is biaxial, the advantages of its dual-axis structure is the high efficiency of mixing, small footprint, the use of cycloid reducer transmission, rotating balance, low noise, spiral blade shaft tight seal, reliable operation. Mixer inlet is located at the top, there are two rows of humidifier water spray, nozzle special structure, can ensure uniform water spray, humidity in line with the requirements of transmission. The mixer is determined by a number of parameters, and it is not possible to describe a mixer with any single parameter. The shaft power, the displacement of the blades, the indenter, the blade diameter and the stirring speed are five basic parameters describing a mixer. The displacement of the blades is proportional to the flow rate of the paddle itself, the square of the blade speed and the third of the diameter of the blade. While the shaft power consumed by the mixing is proportional to the specific gravity of the fluid, Industrial Agitator the power of the blade itself, the cubic power of the speed and the fifth power of the blade diameter. In the case of a certain power and paddle, the displacement of the blades and the indenter can be adjusted by changing the matching of the diameter and the speed of the blade, i.e., the large diameter paddle with a low speed (constant shaft power) Resulting in a higher flow and a lower indenter, while a small diameter paddle with a high speed produces a higher pressure head and a lower flow action. In the mixing tank, the only way to make the micelles collide with each other is to provide sufficient shear rate. From the agitation mechanism, it is because of the existence of poor fluid velocity, so that the fluid between the layers of each other, so that the mixing process is always related to the fluid shear rate. Shear stress is a force that is the real cause of bubble dispersion and droplet breakage in mixing applications. It must be noted that the size of the shear rate of the fluid in the whole stirred tank is not uniform. The study of the shear rate distribution shows that there are at least four shear rate values in a stirred tank, which are: experimental studies show that,Industrial Agitator in the case of paddles, no matter what type of pulp, when the blade diameter is constant , The maximum shear rate and the average shear rate increase with increasing speed. However, when the speed is constant, the relationship between the maximum shear rate and the average shear rate and the diameter of the blade is related to the slurry type. When the speed is constant, the maximum shear rate of the radial blade increases with the diameter of the blade, and the average shear rate is independent of the blade diameter. The concept of shear rate in the paddle area requires special care in the reduction and enlargement of the mixer. Small trough mixer often has the characteristics of high speed,Industrial Agitator small blade diameter and low tip speed, and the large tank mixer often has the characteristics of low speed large blade diameter and high tip speed.