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Industrial Agitator Use More Convenient
Jul 14, 2017

The Industrial Agitator is also one of the indispensable instruments for organic chemistry experiments, which allows the reaction mixture to be mixed more uniformly and the temperature of the reaction system is more uniform, thus facilitating the reaction of the chemical reaction, especially the heterogeneous reaction.

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There are three ways to stir:

1 artificial mixing, artificial mixing can generally be carried out by means of glass rods,

2 magnetic stirring, magnetic stirring is the use of magnetic stirrer,

3 mechanical mixing, mechanical mixing is the use of mechanical stirrer.

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The magnetic stirrer is easy to install due to the magnetic stirrer, so it can be used for continuous agitation, especially when the reaction is relatively small or the reaction is carried out under confined conditions and the use of a magnetic stirrer is more convenient. But the disadvantage is that for some viscous liquid or a large number of solid to participate in or generate the reaction, magnetic stirrer can not be used successfully, then you should use the mechanical stirrer as a stirring power.

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Magnetic stirrer is the use of magnetic field rotation to drive the rotation of the magnet. The magnet is wrapped in a small piece of metal with a layer of inert material (such as polytetrafluoroethylene, etc.), can also be made with a line of 10 # iron wire into the fine glass tube or plastic tube, both ends of the seal. The size of the magnet is about 10mm, 20mm, 30mm long, and longer magnetic son, the shape of the magnetic son has a cylindrical, oval and round, etc., can be selected according to the scale of the experiment.

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The mechanical stirrer consists mainly of three parts: electric motor, stirring rod and stirring and sealing device. The motor is the power part, fixed on the bracket, by the governor to adjust its rotation speed. The stirring rod is connected with the electric motor. When the power is turned on, the electric motor drives the stirring rod to stir and stir, and the stirring and sealing device is the device connecting the stirring rod to the reactor, which can make the reaction in the sealing system. The efficiency of the agitation depends largely on the structure of the stir bar. Depending on the size of the reactor, the size of the mouth, the size of the mouth and the reaction conditions, a more suitable stir bar is selected.

The five characteristics of the stirrer are introduced

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The application of the Industrial Agitator in the chemical industry is mainly used in the liquid miscible, immiscible liquid dispersion, gas-liquid phase contact, solid-liquid phase dispersion, enhanced heat transfer five aspects. Because different Industrial Agitators have different mixing purposes, so in the chemical industry according to the different process, we will choose the appropriate use of mixing equipment. So far, chemical production in a variety of processes have been very much, it can be said to involve a variety of different materials. This creates an increasing demand for mixing equipment.

The following five examples of the application of the situation were introduced:

Liquid miscibility

Two or several kinds of liquid miscible, mixed, but the mixing of homogeneous liquid should also distinguish between homogeneous mixture of chemical reactions, for the absence of chemical reactions, usually known as the intermixing of the liquid to reconcile or mix thoroughly. For the presence of a chemical reaction between two or more miscible liquids, such as some transposition reactions, addition reactions, agitation should be carried out in order to accelerate the reaction or to complete the reaction, which does not react chemically with the miscible liquid Stir different.

Disintegration of immiscible liquids

This operation is in contact with the immiscible liquids and is sufficiently dispersed with each other to facilitate mass transfer or chemical reactions, or to prepare suspensions and emulsions. In the preparation of suspended food and emulsions, the droplets are agitated and stirred to increase the relative contact area.

Gas and liquid phase contact

The effect of this agitation is similar to that of the non-miscible liquid, making the reaction to be fine bubbles, uniformly dispersed in the liquid phase to form a stable dispersion, or to improve the mass transfer coefficient. The Industrial Agitator enhances the liquid absorption of the gas, Development of chemical reactions.

Solid-liquid phase dispersion

Solid-liquid phase mixing is wider, sometimes the preparation of uniform suspension, sometimes solid dissolution, sometimes solid-liquid puddhoe chemical reaction, sometimes solid phase in the liquid washing, sometimes from the supersaturated solution precipitation of crystals Wait. The evaluation index is the extent to which the solid particles are suspended in the liquid, preferably all the solid particles are completely uniformly suspended in the liquid.

Strengthen heat transfer

Some liquids require heating or cooling, increasing the heat transfer of the liquid through the Industrial Agitator or making the temperature of the liquid uniform. Sometimes in addition to the above also has a chemical reaction process or mass transfer process, but accompanied by heat transfer, then the evaluation index is the time as short as possible.