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Radial Flow Impeller Reduce The Friction Loss Of Water Flow
Aug 15, 2017

The basic structure of the high-lift self-priming pump is composed of six parts: Radial Flow Impeller, pump, pump shaft, bearing, seal ring and stuffing box.

1. Radial Flow Impeller is the core of high-lift self-priming pump, it is high speed, the wheels on the leaves play a major role, the Radial Flow Impeller in the assembly before the static balance through the experiment. The inner and outer surfaces of the Radial Flow Impeller require smoothness to reduce the friction loss of the water flow.

2. Pump body also known as pump shell, it is the main pump. To support the fixed role, and with the installation of the bearing bracket connected.

3. The role of the pump shaft is connected by the coupling and the motor, the motor torque to the Radial Flow Impeller, so it is the main component of the transmission of mechanical energy.

4. Bearing is set on the pump shaft to support the pump shaft components, there are two kinds of rolling bearings and sliding bearings. Rolling bearings using butter as a lubricant to the appropriate general 2/3 ~ 3/4 of the volume will be too much heat, too little sound and fever. Sliding bearings use transparent oil as a lubricant, refueling to the oil level line. Too much oil to seep on the pump shaft and drift cheap, too little bearing and overheating caused by accident.

5. Sealing ring, also known as leakage ring. Radial Flow Impeller inlet and the gap between the pump casing caused by the pump within the high pressure area of the water flow through the gap to the low pressure area, affecting the pump water, reduce the efficiency of the gap is too small will cause the Radial Flow Impeller and pump shell friction wear. In order to increase the return resistance to reduce the internal leakage, delay the life of the Radial Flow Impeller and pump shell, in the pump shell and the Radial Flow Impeller at the outer joint with a sealed ring, sealed gap between 0.25 ~ 1.10mm is appropriate.

6. Packing letter mainly by the filler, water ring, packing tube, packing gland, water sealing tube composition. The function of the stuffing box is mainly to close the gap between the pump housing and the pump shaft, so that the water inside the pump does not flow outside to prevent the outside air from entering the pump. Always keep the vacuum inside the pump! When the pump shaft and the filler friction heat is necessary to rely on water seal tube water to the water ring to make the filler cooling! Keep the normal operation of the pump. It takes about 600 hours to replace the packing.

 High-head self-priming pump over flow components are: suction chamber, Radial Flow Impeller, out of the room three parts. The Radial Flow Impeller chamber is the core of the pump and the core of the flow part. The pump works on the liquid through the Radial Flow Impeller to increase its energy.

Radial Flow Impeller by liquid out of the direction is divided into three categories:

(1) Run-off Radial Flow Impeller (centrifugal Radial Flow Impeller) The liquid flows out of the Radial Flow Impeller in a direction perpendicular to the axis.

(2) Oblique Radial Flow Impeller (Francis Radial Flow Impeller) The liquid flows out of the Radial Flow Impeller along the axis.

(3) axial flow Radial Flow Impeller liquid flow direction parallel to the axis.