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Water Treatment System FRP GRP Tank Winding Making Machine
Feb 14, 2017

1.frp grp winding machine making glass fiber tank for water treatment system

2.frp vessel fiberglass cylinders winding machine fiberglass machinery

3.GRP FRP Vessels Winding Machine/filament winding machine

4.GRP FRP Fiberglass Filament Tank High Pressure Vessel Winding Machine Making Machine

5.Good quality Frp Water Treatment Tank And Vessel Winding Machine

6.frp tank winding machine with FRP tank production line factory directly supply China

The machine customzied by customers requirements about the winding diameter.All the production line inlcude two parts:One part is feeding system and the other parts is winding machine.The cantiver all the production also customzied by customers requirments. 

Option Collocation:Resin pre-accelerated agitator tank,Pneumatic glass fiber chopped spray gun,Adjustable resin pump,Adjustable catalyst flowmeter.

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